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Discussion on: Is there a "right brain and left brain" in community building?

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John @ YEN

systems 100%.

art is your personality — that's your value prop in the beginning.

but, community building is relationship building, just at-scale.

b/c, science.

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Ben Halpern Author

Are there any specific qualities of systems thinking that are especially useful in community building?

Are there any systems-oriented books that would apply especially well to community-building, perhaps books not specifically about communities, but systems in general?

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John @ YEN • Edited on

oh god, so many.

i share this next bit to add context, not to flex. i have a masters in education and my thesis was "the future of education"

... TOO many books to list that have informed my thinking, but, i obsessed over this for 7.5 years (took me that long to get a double-masters).

that was my bedrock, the classics.

what's CRAZY is that i'm literally building this software today... decades later.

... insane:

... this is why i tell people...

... there are OBVIOUS whispers about what we need to do with our lives... we just need to look behind (and beyond) ourselves... stfu, and listen.