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Discussion on: AMA with John Saddington

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John @ YEN • Edited

yo. i'm fucking ready. let's do this.

a few high-level thoughts...

...newsletters are much more useful than just delivering content in one-direction; it can create a two-way communication channel between the writer and a (growing) audience of people who trust you to deliver insight that no one else can.

The real goal of a newsletter is to develop the currency of trust and once minted, you can barter, buy, and trade this for more insight for many more opportunities.

This isn’t strictly a “transaction” despite my use of the money analogy, it’s a real relationship and I have built many deep and abiding relationships via my newsletters over the 10+ years that I’ve been writing them.

Starting an email newsletter is functionally and technically very, very easy as I’ve laid out a step-by-step guide of how I recently built my most-recent one in just a weekend here.

Not quitting is the hard part.

So… ask me anything and I’ll tell you no lies — this shit is hard, but, it’s worth it if you know why you’re doing it.

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Always bringing the energy John!

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John @ YEN

appreciate you letting me share a few things!