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Welcome Thread - v8

πŸ‘‹πŸ» i don't spend much time here though.

Is there a "right brain and left brain" in community building?

oh god, so many. i share this next bit to add context, not t...

Is there a "right brain and left brain" in community building?

systems 100%. art is your personality β€” that's your value pr...

Sunday Musings on launching community projects, invitations, and the important lesson I learned from my cat sitter.

someone's gotta light the fire... but people also gotta bring...

How have you delivered happiness?

oh! lol. that was fun. i totally forgot about that... hope it...

How have you delivered happiness?

i don't know if this necessary counts as an example (followin...

#ClubChat: What was your favourite community initiative/project that you worked on this year?

i've really enjoyed getting into notion and using that as a b...

Fostering engagement with a busy audience

"busy people" do stop... for high-value stuff. sometimes whe...

Onboarding new community members: some thoughts

love this so much.

The Self Fulfilling Prophecy of Not Investing in Community

if you don't, your competitors will... ... and then you lose...

Sunday Musings about the Chief Community Officer job title

thoughtful piece here. i'm still developing a hardened thesi...

History of the Web: Online Communities

fun times!

LIVE episode of In Before The Lock

very cool! signed-up!

What to think about when creating rules for your community

rules apply to everyone. exactly. this is how most communiti...

πŸ’Ό Community Job Survey Results | CCW #49

love seeing this data! appreciate you all sharing it publicly!

The Three Strategic Areas Every Successful CM Needs to Define

great stuff here @cartergee !

We are the Forem Team, Ask Us Anything!

great software and even better community over at β€” wel...

πŸ•Ί Welcome to The Club!

congrats on the launch!

YEN.FM β€” Community, Daily.

lol. my designer made it. 🀩

YEN.FM β€” Community, Daily.

thanks @alex ! i wanted to start the newsletter to help gro...