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John @ YEN
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YEN.FM — Community, Daily.

I help put together a daily newsletter for community-minded professionals:

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Alex Angel

Hey John!

Some questions for ya :)

  • What made you want to start this newsletter?
  • Anything surprising along the way so far?
  • How'd you settle on the platform you're using?
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John @ YEN Author

thanks @alex !

  • i wanted to start the newsletter to help grow my b2b saas business that i'm working on. so, the honest answer is that the newsletter will serve as a top-of-funnel driver towards my business. but, i won't advertise it directly and my goal of the newsletter is to earn the trust of my readers by giving them crazy value, daily.

  • yes! how welcoming folks have been to yet-another-email-newsletter. there is definitely a bit of "newsletter fatigue" that's setting in, but, for great newsletters... there is always a willing and available audience!

  • i'm using a combo of wordpress + substack, which i deep-dive here on:

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This is really great!! Just subscribed, looking forward to reading.

p.s. Love the animated header! 😄

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John @ YEN Author

lol. my designer made it. 🤩