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Arne Wolfewicz • Edited on

Hey all! A few months ago, I thought that "community" meant some kind of gathering in your neighborhood after church and now I'm introducing myself to a community about communities. What a time to be alive!

I've become a big fan of a few other communities, first and foremost IndieHackers, Demand Curve, and a dark Discord channel packed with techno producers. Their members all shaped my understanding of what this all means and I'm lucky enough to have made some lasting connections with some of them. EDIT: And damn, just scrolling through a few posts made me recognize a bunch of people – not least @ben from DEV who has been a huge help finding volunteer developers for a Corona website we built last year *starstruck*

We are about to launch our own community at Levity and got some tips from Mac the other day. Looking forward to learning and sharing!