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Discussion on: What should every Community Manager know?

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Adrian • Edited on

The most important point to know is no one ever stops learning - and no one has all the answers.

Try things with the community, see what works, pivot if it doesn't, and try again. Don't fret about failure - it brings great lessons.

Also listen to yourself - take the appropriate breaks for your own self-care, when you give so much of yourself to the community, you need to step away to make sure you are healthy (mentally and physically).

The best way I have learnt in all honesty is being part of communities like this and reaching out to others in the space to learn from others. Many of us are always open to help new people in the industry and willing to share (hit me up anytime on any platform).

I really enjoyed Jono Bacon's new book and Carrie Melissa Jones as well. Both were worthwhile reads in 2020.

Hope that helps :)

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Samantha Taylor Author

This is really great advice Adrian. Thank you for taking the time to respond. I totally can see where making sure your own mental and physical health have to be balanced with your work, because running a community can be very taxing. I will also check out both of those reads-- can't wait!!!