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Discussion on: Gamification

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Kaila, I have lots of suggestions! Much of it is written in a slide deck, if you'd like to schedule a short call w visuals, would be open to it!

Otherwise, ours is based upon a few surveys inquiring what motivators & incentives the community is moved by --

Then, collated the research & a/b tested which actually worked for people [were they being fully honest, or just telling us what they thought we wanted to hear?] --

Made the incentives & 'prizes' official -

Since i'm with a student community, biggies for them are:

  • $$
  • certificates of completion
  • letters of recommendation
  • free product
  • swag, books, et al

Also just added 'badges' and various ways to obtain those badges from non-required, bonus activities like 'share your referral link x times' or 'submit a blog post'