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Discussion on: Acknowledging recognition within communities

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Great question.

A few things that have worked for me, which you're ont he right track with delineating by motivation type: gamification process with dashboard, 1 referral campaign with overt and live list of who's winning, swag of course, sending a kindle book or PDF version of gifted reading, asking certain members to be part of some unique project or lead a webinar or form an advisory board, provide certs of appreciation or similar, create a linkedin badge for reaching some certain level, and so on.

These all worked for me, but they all depended on timing of the year and duration. Some things only lasted one iteration, some have become rituals to look toward, and some just fizzle out [for me in my most recent community, it was office hours]

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Oana Filip Author

Thanks a bunch, @adventuresofv ! Great insights ๐Ÿ‘