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Hi there, curious about your communication with your existing communities

When communicating monthly or quarterly community information, do you use:

• your company's email provider [ie. intercom, iterable, in-house]
• external, customable email provider [ie. mailchimp]
• your own business email [ie. gmail, aol, hotmail, etc]
• some sort of in-app / in-product messaging system
• your dashboard [ie. discord, slack, circle, etc]
• N/A
• other

Thank you!

Discussion (6)

daniellexo profile image

What I've done in the past is set up a calendar where I outline key messages I want the community to get each week/month (depends on the audience size). From there, I start to think about how I can get this to them in multiple ways (you really want 1-2 TOP key messages hitting home, so that means the community member should see it 3-5 times).

From there I start to think about which of these can be packaged together as a blog post update, put into the weekly newsletter, which of these should be a notification, which should additionally be shared in social posts, and which can be in events, which become a message to community leaders, asking them to repackage in their voice and get their groups on board.

I'm sorry I'm 'extra' and this is not a straight forward answer :D

jocelynhsu profile image

We send a monthly newsletter with news and updates to our community program using Braze. We provide more immediate updates and announcements in the Announcements topic of Mighty Networks. If it's super, super important, we'll also do an in-app modal / pop-up.

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Alex Angel

Right now we use our Announcements channel in Slack, and sometimes we'll use our weekly newsletter (though not everyone who is a member of Slack gets our newsletter, and not everyone subscribed to our newsletter is in our Slack).

rgschmid profile image
Rachel Goldschmid

In-app messaging system, for better or worse.

beccab profile image

We use both an external email provider (ActiveCampaign), our dashboard (Circle), and Instagram stories.

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Alex Lourie

For internal notifications - all hands email together with #announcement in Slack.

For external - mostly blog/newsletter kind of notifications.