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User Research; Community Style

Find the full post here (, with an example of formatting a quantitative as well as qualitative process for researching your member base.

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^^^ All the most typical culprits of wanting to engage in usability testing or user research [UR]. Or, the [set] of qualitative / quantitative processes that better guide whatever you're designing → a product, a service, a community and so on. User research allows you to measure, basically, and it's an excellent staple to any stack of community metrics. UR can be as small as a three question survey every quarter to a fully fledged, months long deep dive that includes surveys, interviewing and an all hands presentation. I say, start small and work your way into UR comfort.

It can be overwhelming if you let it.
Quantitative research seeks to understand or measure the behavior of your members. Inevitably, it can be honed [quantified] to view and analyze statistical results. Think, NPS score, linear scale, or survey.

Qualitative research, alternatively, is more anecdotal than statistical. They encompass interviews and/or testing to get a deeper view and understanding of the experience of your members. Hard to put into numbers, ya dig?

SO, why in the hazelnuts do you care to introduce this to your community? Oh, let me count the ways!

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