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What community platform should I choose?

aksss profile image Akshat ・1 min read

I'm looking to create an online community for a group of people but am struggling to find an online platform that would suit my needs best. Some of my important criteria are:

  • Able to run in the browser
  • Allow participants to DM each other
  • Easily create subgroups
  • Reasonable cost
  • Search for members based on specific criteria (city for example)
  • Has functionality to gate entrants with a questionnaire and make the answers available to other members of the community

Mainly struggling with the last two points. Any recommendations or suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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Chris Detzel


I know you won't like this answer, but it all depends. What are your goals (Case deflection, hanging out, peer to peer, etc..) , what are you trying to accomplish (SEO strategy, connection to business systems within an organization)? What type of community is it B2B, B2C, something else? When you say not to expensive, what does that even mean? 100k? $100 monthly?

I do talk about online community vendor selection in my blog (

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Lauren Clevenger✨

I agree with Chris, we need more information about who your audience is and what the purpose of the Community would be. A community platform for your neighborhood association would have much different needs than a SaaS enterprise business looking to reduce support costs, etc.

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Sanket Chauhan • Edited

Hey! For the last part, you could maybe gate it with airtable form, and based on responses, add a member to the platform you choose. And in team wiki, have a link to the airtable form with the responses for team access. Circle probably is a good one for the other usecases.

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Hi Akshat! there are a ton of options but ive seen a number of communities approach this particular problem using a multi-platform approach. the first options that come to mind are Circle or Discourse with some modifications.

Regarding the creation of subgroups - would you want every one to be able to create those?

shameless plug to check us out @ if you are at all interested in working together to make this happen!