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Discussion on: Any other IRL community builders in the house?

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Alex Angel

Mine is super small potatoes and I know there are a bunch of other great IRL community builders here so hopefully they'll chime in, too. But my knitting group was born out of a knitting community centered around a particular yarn shop in town. We all met at knitting camp (lol) and would routinely meet in person to work on projects, talk about the larger knitting community space, and attend events together. With the pandemic I helped transition the group online, and instead of in person events we now have a Slack group and virtual events--a weekly video hangout, knitalongs (where we all work on the same project at the same time), gift exchanges/birthday celebrations, and a few other small rituals. Most folks had never used Slack before, but now it's a daily staple.

Once the pandemic is over I know we will all get together for in person events and casual hangouts, but I think the online portion of our small community is here to stay. It's really enabled us to feel even more closely knit (pun sort of intended??), and the chatty relationships we've all built online are different enough from our in person gatherings that I think it's become a staple for communication.