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Discussion on: Community starter kit

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Alex Angel

Congrats!! Excited for you, and glad you were able to make the case for community at your organization.

This actually seems like a pretty solid start. I'd also think about what other roles or contributors you'd need internally as you develop the strategy and launch plans. You may be able to hold down the fort on your own for a bit, but having a basic plan for what additional areas may need coverage will be immensely helpful so you aren't caught totally unprepared.

It may also be worthwhile to think about how members of the existing team will interact with the community, and what the expectations are for each department. Will you need development help for anything? How will Marketing be aligned with community initiatives and vice versa? Are you expecting other teams to be active within the community, and how should they participate?

Lastly, might help to think about short, medium, and long-term success. How will you measure success and communicate it to stakeholders? What might you need to ensure you are able to figure out these pieces?

These may not be necessary for you to have totally figured out for launch, but keep 'em in the back of your mind as you're working through things. The most important step here will be figuring out the purpose your community serves and what members will get out of being in the community (and what your organization will get out of the community, too).

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Liana Neri Author

Love, love, LOVE all these thoughts. Thank you!