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Discussion on: AMA with Sascha Mombartz

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Alex Angel

How do you think your time working at Google's Creative Lab influenced how you think about community building/design?

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Sascha Mombartz Ask Me Anything • Edited

Great question Alex. I think actually that my work at the New York Times might have had more of an impact. They were incredibly well organized, had really good processes – which were important because you had a lot of people working together on very different things, from journalists, to editors, to designers, developers. there was a strong understanding and respect of everyones skill, strengths but also boundaries. I also worked at another startup called Urtak, really the first community tool I built (even though back then I didnt think about it like that) – it was all about asking readers ("your community") questions. it really made me appreciate the power of questions but also how valuable and powerful it is to give others a voice. here a fairly old video of it in action 😂