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Discussion on: What's your community tech stack?

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Alex Angel

Our tech stack isn't too crazy in the grand scheme of things:

Slack: primary synchronous community space
Forem: primary async community space
Airtable: surveys, forms, and management for programs
Zoom: used for some events
Toucan: used for some events
Whereby: used for our book club
Hopin: used for our annual summit
Zapier: used for some automations
Meetsy: used for 1:1 member matching and small group conversations
Asana: managing tasks and internal content calendar/community announcements
Coda: internal knowledgebase and planning space
Commsor: used for external event pages & RSVPs, some automations in Slack, and data wrangling on community members & participation

I'm sure I'm missing something, but these are the most frequently used things to manage our community and members.