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Discussion on: AMA with Tessa Kriesel

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Alex Angel Ask Me Anything

Hey Tessa! Thank you so much for doing this AMA today :D

With large developer communities, what tactics have you found yourself needing that weren't as necessary for smaller ones for building trust?

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Tessa Kriesel Ask Me Anything

What a fabulous question. In my first community role, I almost knew every developer in our community. At Twitter, I am lucky if I know 25 of them. Okay, that's a little low but still. I've found that it's quite helpful to find developers whom have a significant following or reputation in our community, and work closer with them so they help echo what we're sharing. This tends to be my tactic whenever possible. Sure, I can tell folks about things we are doing or offering, but if a fellow community member tells them its more credible and intriguing—plus it's a great way to scale the community quicker.

I've been really focused on strategy of trust building and bettering our feedback program that I haven't had much chance to start to implement tooling and new techniques to engage our community. I've been striking up a conversation one developer at a time to learn as much as I can. One plus side is that growth is not a major focus for me, most developers who want to use the API are there, BUT they're being wildly underserved so instead of growth, I'm focused on trust which is very difficult to scale.