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Alex Angel

Gotcha! I took a look around your site, and I'm assuming this type of post is what you're aiming for more of with these folks. I will say that as a casual consumer of content, having the "Join to unlock posting, commenting, and voting on any B2B Sales topic." popup got tiresome after the first few posts I viewed. I know you really want people to sign up and that these sorts of overlays have a decent conversion rate for account creation, but is there a chance that this is deterring folks from the get-go?

This may be a silly question, but are you sure that the folks who are there for articles/webinars/podcasts want to ask questions or be involved in the forum aspect of your community? Might there be a different way to get them involved in other initiatives?

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Katie Ray Author

I appreciate learning about the popup! We didnt realize that it was coming up more than once- so that's on the dev teams need to do list.

I dont think that is a silly question at all! I didnt think about that!