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Discussion on: When to turn an audience to a community?

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I think it all depends on what you want to do with the community and how you're measuring 'active'. A Twitch streamer with say 800 followers and an average of 25 viewers can have a community and not just an audience (often with a Discord etc), but that community may only be particularly active in the time preceding, during, and just after a stream.

So maybe you want to do weekly discussions on the topic of your newsletter or something like that, which will peak activity. It just depends - what I will say is that just because your audience says they'd like a community, you yourself should have reasons you'd like to change the relationship from audience to community, and once/if you do, you can use those reasons as goals to measure success against.

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Fernando Nikolic Author

That's super insightful, Alex - thanks!

My personal reason is for the communication not to be that one-sided. I get replies to my newsletter editions that gets me thinking "this would be so much more fun if other like-minded peers could chip in their two cents instead of just me"

But this a great thinking framework that begs to be explored deeper. Thanks again for your input!