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Ana Luiza Noronha
Ana Luiza Noronha

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Tips for a newbie

Hey, guys!

I've discovered the community world this past year and I've fell in love with it. I've been trying to get as much knowledge as I can through online courses and networking.

Now I'm searching for a junior role in Community Management and would like to know from you what skills recruiters are looking for this position and what advice would you give for someone starting in this field?

Thank you so much! Hoping to get some good tips :)

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Max Pete

Hey Ana! Congrats on the career switch into community management, it is exciting! If you can, I would definitely recommend applying for C School and enrolling in that program:

There is a ton of great information shared and connections made in these cohorts! I would also recommend reaching out to 5 Community Managers per week and introducing yourself + seeing if you can get on a call with them to learn more about their process, the community that they manage, etc.

There are also a lot of great jobs being posted on Community Club's Slack channel, so I would also check that out. Let me know if you need an invite for that and I can send you one!

For me, I really just leaned in heavy into my networking and connecting with other Community Managers to learn from them.

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Ana Luiza Noronha Author

Hey Max!

Thank you for the tips and for tagging me in the other post, I will reach out to her to get some tips too.

I will take a look at the C School and I loved the idea of reaching out to Community Managers, I'll definitely start working on that.

About the Community Club's Slack, I would love an invite for that! Thank you so much.

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Max Pete

Of course happy to help! I just sent the admins a request to send you an invite to Slack! Please keep me posted on this, and if you want to chat more about Community Management, we can schedule a time to connect in the future as well!

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Hey Ana, great question

I wrote about this recently, here:

Good luck!