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Ana María Palacio
Ana María Palacio

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Building a virtual non profit organizations community from scratch

Hello everyone. My name is Ana María and I live in Colombia, working in an organization called MAKAIA.
Currently I am faceing the challenge to create a virtual community for the grantees of an International Foundation. They are about 500 small social organizations in Latin América, all very diverse.

The idea is that they can have a virtual platform to interact, recieve formation, have webinars and in the end, an space to interact and create projects together. The topics they are involved with goes from agroecology to gender issues, youth leadership, violence, formation and so on.

At the moment we havent decide the platform we will use and our job is to inquire about the needs fo all this organisations.

We are collecting data from a diagonosis we did. We had discussion groups, interviews and a questionarie. This data is very important but now I am facing the challenge to start meeting virtualy and to motive them.
Some of them have shown interest to participate in this co creation and the idea that de International foundation has is that this can be for them and that they are essential part of the construction of the community.

I am thinking to start some meetings with this small group of potential participants or leaders of the community, so my question is:

  • Do you have any advice on activities I can develop that are dynimic and help them engage?
  • Since the platform itself is going to be launched in september, how can I create content for the potential members and get them interested? which means apart from social media should I use?
  • What other things should I consider for this starting phase?

I would love to hear from all of you.
Ana María

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Alex Angel

It's great that you already have a small group of people who are interested in participating in some capacity. What sort of involvement or ownership do you want them to have within the community? This can help determine the sort of activities that would be most beneficial for everyone at first.

As for content, try and figure out what type of content would be most interesting and provide the most value (you can directly ask them, and/or do some research into what content already exists and what you think is missing). Platform should depend on what sort of content you're looking to produce, and how you want people to interact with it. Are they reading things on Medium or other blog-adjacent platforms? Are they subscribing to newsletters?