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Andrew Bailie
Andrew Bailie

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Come run community at a VC fund that exists to end homelessness

Hiring 📡 Community and Events Manager 📡 £37,166

Our community is growing. Our team is growing too.

The Venture Studio uses entrepreneurship to accelerate the end of homelessness. It has been an exciting first year: backing our first few companies, being shortlisted as the PropTech Investor of the Year and creating a network around our mission and portfolio.

Now, we need to set up our community for scale. That is where you come in.

Drop me a message if you have any questions about the role.

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Ashley Friedlein

Andrew - we have a jobs thread you could post this to in our community collective (almost 400 community managers) which is also prettty UK-focused (our HQ is London). More info and you can ask to join here: