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Andrew Claremont (andymci)

Heya! Andy here. Senior Community Manager at GoDaddy, looking after our GoDaddy Pro community programs.

I started working on forums and fansites in the early 00's as a hobby, then pivoted to organizing local meetups and conferences in 2011. Didn't start thinking about this as a profession until I joined GoDaddy in 2015.

My background's a mix of digital marketing, web development and user support. I'm a stickler for user-friendly web experiences, customer advocacy and remote work.

I live in Durham Region (just east of Toronto) with my wife and our bouncy little poodle. We're expecting our first baby in the next couple of months, so everything is chaos at home right now!

Excited to see Community Club roll with Forem, I love what I see coming out of DEV. :)