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Andrew Claremont (andymci)
Andrew Claremont (andymci)

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Community (Book) Club: Reading Lists & Recommendations

Books are awesome. Book clubs are awesome. A Community (Book) Club? Even more awesome.

I'm dropping this post here as a prompt for Community Club members to share recommended reads, lists of recommended reads, etc...!

So, to kick things off: What have you read recently -- or are in the process of reading -- that's worth recommending?

Reply below, and let us know. :)

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Oana Filip

Hi Andrew! I guess you have community resources in mind, right? If so, I had a few aha moments with the following books:

  • Building Brand Communities, Carrie Melissa Jones
  • Get together, ex folks from People & Company (currently working for Substack)
  • The Good Ancestor, Roman Krznaric

Cheers! 👋