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Andrew Claremont (andymci)
Andrew Claremont (andymci)

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History of the Web: Online Communities

I adore the The History of the Web newsletter.

The latest issue dives into some familiar online communities from the early 00’s, like Newgrounds and DeviantArt. Thought y’all would appreciate this trip down memory lane.

“Most people think of the web as a magical other life, as someplace else and not, in point of fact, real. That’s bunk. Our web lives are real. So just like real life, communities tend to cluster together around ideas, and form microcosmic subcultures in the process. Sometimes, this leads to terrible groups feeling empowered by their own echo chamber. But as the web grew over the years, other groups began carving out a small space for themselves.”

Check it: A Sense of Community: From Newgrounds to MLKSHK

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John @ YEN

fun times!