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Arthur Woods
Arthur Woods

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VP of Community Opportunity @ Mathison

Hey everyone, we have an opportunity to join the leadership team of Mathison ( as VP of Community.

Mathison is a venture-backed Diversity Talent Marketplace with a mission to bridge the gap between underrepresented communities and employers committed to inclusion. We have a unique model that helps employers recruit diverse candidates and reinvests in the community every time we successfully connect an underrepresented job seeker to an opportunity. Our new VP of Community will lead charge to grow our job seeker community.

If you or someone you know is passion about advancing diversity and inclusion and taking a leadership role at a rapidly growing company, please reach out and have them apply here:


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You should add this to our talent network:

Will get it shared in our Slack, newsletter, and jobs Twitter!

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Zachary Novak

@mac How do I get on the slack channel?