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Discussion on: Does anyone actually use forums?

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Ashley Friedlein

An interesting topic indeed. We have a community platform also (see But a) we're designed mobile/messaging first (rather than web forum) and b) we're focused on professional communities specifically. Kind of WhatsApp meets LinkedIn.

Our belief is that LinkedIn Groups have died a death and that web-based forums are also struggling for engagement whereas messaging apps are growing even in business use e.g. WhatsApp groups (and Signal, Telegram etc.). Slack is almost like a messaging app.

Guild actuallly has threaded conversations so does borrow from what I think is good about forums, even though it is a messaging/mobile-first experience.

But web-based community platforms like Circle are doing very well. But they are much broader platforms than just 'forums' or 'community'. They pitch themselves to the 'creator' economy where you can run a whole business on the platform. Like Patreon or Substack (for newsletters).

I agree that Slack is convenient for some parts of the market (start ups, developers etc) but actually isn't very widespread for corporates running communities. And it isn't even very good for communities:

Discord... I get why gamers and crypto types might like it (and that's a big market) but I'm puzzled beyond that I have to say. It's like an out of control Slack in dark mode where you have no idea who anyone is. I don't see many brands/corporates using it.