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Ashley Friedlein
Ashley Friedlein

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How to combine Events with Community: best practice guide

We're developing best practice guidance around how to combine events with community.

It isn't done very well at the moment and the problem has become more evident with the growth of digital and hybrid events alongside the push towards digital communities.

Event organisers and community managers aren't always as aligned as we might hope.

We've shared our learnings and insights in How to combine Events with Community: best practice guide but keen to get feedback and suggestions so we can keep updating this best practice resource. Happy to credit contributors of course.

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Thanks for sharing! I think extending the value of the event through community members is key (you mention it in your guide too). For example, I like to ask the most active attendee to write a summary of their experience to post it on our blog after. Not only does it give them more visibility and acknowledgement but it also gives our events a boost in credibility from actual members and guest.