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Arielle Frank


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Dani Weinstein

Great thread. Alex you may want to add clarity are these base salaries? Or is it total comp including bonus and equity packages as you reach more senior roles?

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Alex Angel Author

These are base salaries. We asked about bonuses as a separate question, but there weren't many folks who got bonuses so I didn't include it in the main report. Happy to answer any specifics you might have around that, though!

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Dani Weinstein • Edited on

Thanks Alex! Sorry I missed this when the survey went out. I am wrapping up week 3 now as Senior Director, Customer Community and Growth at Kaltura reporting to the VP of Marketing. My role will likely grow in the next year and report to the GM. More than 12 years in this space. Survey results you shared are great and in line with what I am seeing for those of us with many years of experience.