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Bastien Guerre

Hey 👋

Currently launching a community-based marketplace to help tiny brands and creators connect and collaborate with their audience.

I'm a strong believer that now is time to redesign the shopping experience for both the demand and the supply:

(Supply) -> In today's world, only the big ad spenders find tractions / sales. Most of them are not selling the best products / content / experience. Now is time to focus on the best brands and people that great stories but limited resources.

(Demand) -> We are bombarded by ads, content, messages & more. We also face unlimited product choice while having little to no way of backing our decisions.
Now is time to create a true curated and personalized online shopping experience.

Happy to discuss about this in more detail 🙌

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Zied Hamdi • Edited on

Hi Bastien,

So you're a competitor (or a partner/maybe even cofounder :-) ), I'm working on a solution like that since 2018, I had a successful launch in Tunisia (with 1300+ visitors and 100+ hard engagements). Now I'm working on launching the business in the US.

How about talking together? here's my profile: