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Beatriz Campos
Beatriz Campos

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Looking for insights about Khoros Platform

Hello everyone!

I'm leading a project to completed restructure the Community platform and strategy we have at my company. This means changing the platform we currently use for our forum.
We've been strongly looking into Khoros platform (previous Lithium), and I'm looking for some connection with peers that have already either worked with them or looked into it. It would be super useful to hear thoughts if you liked/did not like this platform, any issues you've had, any reasons why you've chosen/ not chosen it, etc..

I'd also be looking if someone with experience with them that would be open for a quick chat over Zoom/Teams so that we can ask some more detailed questions.

Thank you in advance for any help :)

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Katie Bapple

Hi Beatriz!

I've previously used Khoros (as well as other platforms) and found the toolset to be pretty standard - forums, resources, blogs, the basics - but at a higher price point than comparable systems. Implementation was quite expensive too. If you have an in-house development team then the platform is highly flexible in terms of design and architecture, which is their number one selling point, imo. If you don't have that luxury, then its much harder to get the level of customization you're looking for!

My team and community were happier when we migrated to another platform (Influitive) simply because it fit our use case best!

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Beatriz Campos Author

Hi Katie, very happy to see your reply and insights, THANK YOU!!!!

It's good to know you did not have any major issues with the actual platform, at least!
Indeed their price point is very high, we are hiring some of their professional services to set up the platform for us and adjust it to our visual identity, so we are hoping that it should be enough at least to start!

What were some customizations you wish you could've done with Khoros but it was not available without the dev team? (If you still remember :) )

I'll have a look at Influitive as well, thank you for the suggestion.


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Its super limiting TBH. I work for a significantly large community and we have grown over the years with Khoros. Features are not where they should be and are not in the best interest of community needs.

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Beatriz Campos Author

Thank you for your valuable insight, Maylie!
Could you give me some examples of the features you've found limiting?
How did you find the interaction with their team to implement changes?
Are there any other platforms you'd wish you had during this time that you felt you could've grown more with?
Our community is still relatively small and this will already be a big step up for us, but of course I'd like to hear more of the down side.
Thank you so much :)