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Fostering engagement with a busy audience

Hello everyone!

We're trying to grow engagement but our audience is comprised of typically very busy people. We're trying to find the balance between creating content that requires active engagement and creating content that people can consume in their own time.

I'd be curious to know what approaches some of you have taken or would take in a situation like this?

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Ben Halpern

This is a difficult balance to strike... Both in terms of just drumming up the kind of interest that can lead to more organic discussions and also the mechanics to balance things effectively.

I wrote a little bit about this idea here:

In general a lot of this is about creating routines and habits with the community and developing some confidence in your own expectations of community behavior. I think the more you can really ask people about how they are experiencing the community in ways that leads to authentic answers is the best bet.

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Jill Ross • Edited on

Hi @beccab ,

A few things that have worked for me in the past:

1) Short survey asking about content & event preferences: topics of interest, length/format, schedule availability, etc. Feedback from members is critical to understanding what’s most valuable to them.

2) Live events that can be recorded, such as AMA’s, fireside chats, small panel discussions, etc. Virtual small group gatherings can be a great catalyst for more asynchronous discussion in the future once people get to know each other and recognize familiar faces. And encouraging further discussion and asking follow-up questions in the comments of the recording post gives others an opportunity to participate if they can’t attend the live event.

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John @ YEN

"busy people" do stop... for high-value stuff.

sometimes when folks share that they are struggling with engagement it's worth digging into what you're trying to offer folks...

... and if it's actually (honestly) worth their time. the answer might be already self-evident in a lot of cases.

a good opportunity to review value props! great question.