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Discussion on: The Principles Behind the Forem Mobile App

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Ben Halpern Author

Yes, you are correct.

For point 2. I don't anticipate we'll maintain this as an entirely supported path, but we will definitely maintain the SDK (which would be 99% of the work in simple use-cases).... I think the most ideal use-case for this is when the app contains more useful functionality beyond the individual Forem.

Our approach is dictated by the desire to ensure structural independence of an individual website (aka I can visit this site on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.) while providing tooling to uplift the experience. Just like how Apple offers WKWebview as a primitive for building your own browser on iOS (fairly easily, though much more confined than desktopβ€” arguably not the ideal approach) anyone could build a Forem browser, either for a single Forem acting as a basic wrapper or as a directly competitive "navigator" app which might be better than ours.

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This is very interesting, thank you for clarifying! I can see how it's more useful for when the app dev plans to add new functions beyond what Forem offers.

I just added Community Club to my iOS home screen and this was enough to make it feel/act like a normal mobile app.

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I did just notice two quick limitations:

  1. Not having a button to go back to previous page after clicking on a post.

  2. New comments within posts are only viewable only when you close and reopen the Forem via the iOS home screen icon.

Im guessing these small limitations are why someone would opt to build a Forem browser vs simply adding the Forem to home screen?