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Discussion on: Community-led companies are the future

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Ben Halpern

A few things I love about Community Club, personally:

  • Helps me validate things I knew to be true
  • Helps me articulate things I knew to be true

Doing things in a "Community-led" way is so abundantly powerful, and it's great to see this notion being turned into a little bit of a movement, because it's always been true.

I have launched several successful companies in my life off the idea of first finding community and later bringing product market fit to that audience. It helps validate principles and find market before needing to invest in everything else that is involved in going to market. And even if you are currently investing in the go-to-market, your growth will always come from community if you are successful.

It is right there for anyone to grab, but it is best practiced authentically. Build community to further your own passions, not just to grow a company. And don't give up if it doesn't work right away! It is probably the most longterm-minded thing you can do, even if it also happens to be a great first step for any organization.

Build community, be community-led!