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Discussion on: Founders Groups

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Ben Halpern

The average person is not given a lot of genuinely interesting opportunities to contribute to something... However, they are probably spammed with bad opportunities and cash grabs.

So I'd say if you are able to curate the right group of people to reach out to in a personal way and give them an outline of the specifics of the opportunity, you're off to a good start.

Don't ask anyone to do anything that is overly burdensome, but given easy enough asks, some people may go above and beyond. And as long as your personal actions are coming from a good place (i.e. you are, in fact, not spamming people), try not to be self-conscious over the occasional "no".

With all that being said, make sure you have something in mind that this can grow into so it won't be a forever uphill battle. If there is a lot of leg work early on to get it going, you should have an idea of what the next steps will be if you get momentum.