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Discussion on: What happens when you build something your community created?

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Ben Halpern

I think it comes down to a public setting of expectations, an acknowledgment of the give and take in these sorts of situations, and a reinforcement of your values along the way.

You have to march along and not be too tentative with this kind of unknown, but being proactive in setting the dialog helps a lot. It can also help to have an official guideline around the do's and don'ts about community contributions. Make sure that those guidelines are as strict or loose as you feel are appropriate. I'd err on the side of loose unless you have really good reasons to be strict, but there may be some parts to be strict about (like use of your official logo vs maybe a designated marker for community contributions)...

Good luck! Embrace the awesomeness of a community interested in doing this in the first place. Be firm where firmness is needed and otherwise go along for the ride.