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Discussion on: What's the one thing that differentiates marketing from community building?

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Ben Halpern

You could probably use certain marketing tactics for community building — and you could probably use community building as tactics within a marketing funnel.

Marketing is an older discipline with lots of textbooks, professors, and study of the subject. "Community building" is probably less specific of a discipline. In that vein I tend to think of marketing as a shared language. If you use the term "segmentation", you are speaking in marketing. Whether it's a means towards community building as a big part of the bigger picture is probably a matter of what the most important parts of the exercise are.

I will say that community people tend not to really like marketing work, even if they are using some tactics.

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Oana Filip Author

Thank you so much!

I also liked this distinction from CMX:

Marketing is how you get them in the door.
Community is their experience once they’re in the door.

Cheers! 👋