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Discussion on: Curating content from other communities to build a... community

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Ben Halpern

When we were looking to get DEV off the ground, we tried hard to normalize "cross-posting", because any existing content is easier to repurpose than creating brand new ideasβ€” And we had a value-add opportunity for folks who had written something, but were not reaching a lot of people with the writing. Now, we couldn't guarantee they'd reach more folks on DEV, but it was an opportunity.

We made our ask easy, and tried not to be annoying, but we also didn't bend over backwards to make it soooo easy, because if we tried to hard to, say, automate the crossposting we might not even find anyone willing to stick around to interact thereafter.

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Josh Rozin Author

Hey Ben! Thanks for giving this thoughtful reply, I'm a huge fan of DEV!

From what I understand, the value-add there was the opportunity to reach people on DEV, kind of like an audience sharing thing? Also, super interesting that you didn't make your ask super easy -- that's something for me to think about.

I'm going to explore that opportunity value-add, let's see what I can do!

Thanks again Ben!