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Discussion on: We are the Forem Team, Ask Us Anything!

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Ben Halpern Ask Me Anything

If there is a single thing that drives Forem to get this kind of stuff right is how thoroughly its mission originated around inclusion within the software industry via DEV.

Over time as we saw the value in distributing the software more broadly via open source, we have done ample work to ensure the expectations of the non-developer community can be met, but very little we did applies specifically to software folks, so we've designed a lot of features with the needs of our own community in mind.

I think this evolution was very natural and different from a lot of products which focus on abstract use cases or pure growth over the process of discovery over years and learning how to foster communities by facing up to the challenges and responding.

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Tessa Kriesel

That is so great to hear. I do agree that the same engagement techniques can work with all audiences. I'm here rooting for you and your team!