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Discussion on: We are the Forem Team, Ask Us Anything!

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Ben Halpern Ask Me Anything

Our focus with is really to leverage the technical/product momentum of forem and make that much better. We're working hard to improve the algorithm in general and will benefit the most from it.

We are looking for opportunities to do more in the dev space in that doesn't have to gobble up all the dev-related content. Hopefully there will be more specialized areas. But we still have a dedicated community team for and a renewed capacity to focus on some product enhancements for the platform specifically.

All Forems will have certain types of functionality to help grow and foster the whole Forem ecosystem, but is first-and-foremost focused on usefulness for devs and community inclusion and safety. It's its own thing with its own dedicated team members, and Forem the ecosystem won't overly encroach on any individual Forem.

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Ido Shamun

Oh, that is so great to hear! Thanks for the detailed answer 🙏