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Ben Halpern
Ben Halpern

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Which industries hire community managers?

In my circles, the conversation is often quite tech-centric, but I'm wondering which spaces are making "community manager" hires?

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Gisela Mirandilla

I started off voluntarily managing a parenting community for a mom blogger. And then worked with a fitness coach for moms. Now I have a team, we are still working with the fitness coach, but we are also serving a membership business (their community is for the students of a course), and a couple of SaaS businesses. Pretty much every industry right now is hiring community managers and consultants.

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Oana Filip

Hi! Great question. I notice more and more businesses within creative industries to be interested in hiring community builders from independent journalism (such as De Correspondent, for instance) to franchised barbershops.

I, for instance, work as a community builder at Pixelgrade, a software company working within the WordPress ecosystem. We started an online tribe because it's yet another way to reach our mission—that simple.

Waving from Europe!

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Sydney Sherman

Education and fitness are both huge industries for community management! Especially as so many fitness programs have evolved into online memberships. Within the education space, I see this in our membership program at SERHANT., but also in my previous role at a university.

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Ben Halpern Author

I'll start with developer relations: Whether community manager is the title or not, it's absolutely a role that has popped up to be industry norm in our space.

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Sabin Rodriguez

I believe SAAS companies are starting to build communities more than ever before. It naturally fits with the dynamics of the industry itself. The product offering comes with a commitment to use it for a longer period and thereby naturally creating a lot of commonalities among their customer base.