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Discussion on: AMA with Sascha Mombartz

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Ben Regier

Hi Sascha! I read your post titled, "My Community Journey" on the Close Knit page, and I loved how you said it wasn't necessarily the abundance of community in your life, but rather the upheaval, change, and lack thereof that caused you to really think about the broader scope of what it means to belong. Do you think this is a common background many community builders come from? Thanks for answering our questions today!

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Sascha Mombartz Ask Me Anything • Edited on

hey Ben, thanks for reading and this is a really good, deep question. I can only speak from my own experience: you only really deeply appreciate something once you don't have it anymore. its easy to take our family, friends and the people around us fro granted. not just that but much of our connections and interactions happen naturally and subconsciously. when suddenly something changes and have to take a close look or work hard to get them it gives you a different perspective. i do think that people who are building communities often yearn for the connection or the change in the world that they want to create with others. the hard truth is that its often quite a lonely job, you are creating something to that others will enjoy, its very much about being of service. would love to hear what others think and feel about this? this could be a great separate conversation in of itself. feel free to follow up with thoughts!