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Beth Vanderkolk
Beth Vanderkolk

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When do you take EA to GA?

I'm getting various opinions about this internally, so I need y'all's advice! If your brand spankin' new community forum is in Early Access, what indicates whether or not it's ready for GA?

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Oana Filip • Edited on

Hi Beth! That's a good question, that most probably can get various good answers. In other words: it's not a white-or-black kind of scenario. In fact, that's often the case when it comes to community building.

Regardless, here's my two cents on this one. As Jason Fried would say: there's no such thing as being 100% sure when it's time to launch something. You ship, test, experiment, learn, iterate, and take it from there.

If I were you, I would ask this specific question to the current members. When do they think it's time to go for GA? Moreover, I would also try to make a silent transition to GA. Please share it with a couple of people, ask for feedback, see how it goes.

I hope I got your question right, but if not, please provide more context, and I'll gladly follow up.


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Alex Angel

As Oana said, it depends! Her points are good, and checking in with your current members will hopefully provide some clarity and guidance for you.

For me personally, I'd look for indicators that the community is starting to become ever so slightly self-sufficient. Other people are routinely contributing, people are attending events or creating their own, you notice more conversation happening organically--you aren't necessarily the one running the entire show anymore.

When you take it public, there may be a dip in that activity as new people become acquainted with the space and those who've been in EA adjust to the influx of new members. Depending on how many people you're bringing in at once, you also might have to spend more time actively moderating and less time content creating, so having that baseline of engaged existing members will help show that the community is active and inviting.