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Justin Borge • Edited on

Hey everyone!

Like others have said, writing about myself is hard. ("Why does everything I type sound arrogant when I re-read it?")

But I'm glad to be here, and am committed to being as active as I can be because I see the value in connecting with this group in particular.

My story is that I shouldn't be where I am. Rural upbringing, no degree, and a career largely comprised of serving people breakfast food. Yet...I'm a CEO, doing some pretty amazing, enriching, fulfilling work that frankly blows my mind that I'm even able to be doing.

I see a problem with most companies focusing on those with the resources to afford their services, which only continues to widen the gap between the privileged and the poor.

My company, Help With Your Hustle, is doing everything it can to focus on a target demographic who otherwise can't afford it. If you're a marginalized human dreaming of doing something better for your life, we want to be the company offering you a platform, the knowledge, and supportive community to make the transition from blue collar to white, as quickly as possible.

Looking forward to learning and growing with you all in this group. Thanks for having me.