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Hi everyone! I'm one of the co-founders of Munch, a social app for sharing restaurant reviews with friends instead of strangers. I am currently running community for our product but have little to no experience with it.

My goal here is to learn more about the field and find useful tips others have used to create and foster meaningful communities within their businesses.

Hopefully, some of you have been in my shoes at some point and if not, still great to meet all of you (virtually)

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Hey Brian! (also new to the platform) I see this post is from a couple months back. I love the concept of Munch and tbh I've pondered about something similar for a while now (I'm a huge foodie and have always had a pain point of needing to create lists for different friends whenever we need to eat out). Would love to chat if you're open for a virtual coffee! I'm a huge believer in creating community / creating connection through food - would love to get your thoughts on this too! :)