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Ben Simon-Thomas

Hey Community Club.
My name is Ben. I am building AgeW3LL: A Wellbeing Platform For Seniors. Connecting Seniors 65+ With Effective, Evidence-based Wellbeing Solutions Including Product & Services, Classes & Courses, And Media That Makes You Feel Better (Movies, Music, & More)!
What I am most interested in - is building a P2P community with W3LL that allows seniors/older adults to help other seniors/older adults. There is so much academic evidence that when humans help humans, we all feel better. It is, even more, the case w/ seniors. Seniors who help seniors, feel better/more connected and even forget their mental and physical pain (learn new habits/change biochemistry).
I am glad to be here! Happy to support others. Feel free to DM to talk about the "stickiness" of P2P.