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Discussion on: Mindset of the community leader

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Chris Detzel

@femstreet , I think that depends. What do you think a Community Officer does? Now when I think of a Chief Community Officer, I think about a lot of things. For a B2B SaaS company, it could be someone over Digital Self-Help and Customer Experience.

That could be over all digital sites. Building a strategy around Case Deflection, Up Sell / Cross Sell, Getting customers to buy more, tracking if customers renew at higher rates when they engage in the digital self-help tools is all a consideration.

  1. Documentation
  2. Support / KB Articles
  3. Community and all the programs that go with it
  4. Training / Academy
  5. Other...

Most likely you will have different vendors for each one. Also, you have to think about how you can connect all these vendors together for a great customer experience that includes robust API's.

Getting the right people in the right places to do each function would be a huge challenge as well.

I could go on, but this is one way I could see a Chief Community Officer come into play.