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A Platform Where You Can Find Impact-Driven Communities

🙋‍♀️ Hello Everyone,

I am a community manager that focused on social impact. I've built different communities in education, climate change, and maker area. I saw that community is the perfect way to create a sustainable impact. To spread knowledge in that area, I'll start a newsletter. -

While doing research, the need to reach out to community builders in that area emerged. And I couldn't find any platform that serves this need. Do you know any?

I am thinking of creating a platform (probably on Notion) to fill this gap. In that way, people who want to build an impact may also find a community that fits their knowledge.

Any know-how and feedback about the newsletter and platform are appreciated.

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Oliver Ding

Wow, I am thinking on build a list of impact projects. Maybe we can work together since an impact-driven community can be considered as an impact project!

My own project is the Project Engagement project which is based on Project-oriented Activity Theory.

You can find more details here: