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Discussion on: AMA with Holly Firestone

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Carter Gibson

What does moderation look like inside of an enterprise community? How closely does it resemble moderation on the consumer side? My assumption is that, because people are there in more professional capacities, there's less of a need - but at the same time I think 2020 (and a whole bunch of years before that...) have shown that bad actors are everywhere.

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Holly Firestone Ask Me Anything

Really great question, Carter! I haven’t done a lot of moderation on the consumer side, so I’d rather not speak to that since there are so many incredible professionals that can give you a better answer here. My assumption is a bit different than yours in terms of the need. I think because it’s a professional community there might even be more of a need (or at least equal) to maintain the ideal environment. Bad actors are everywhere, and misbehavior rears its ugly head in an enterprise community just like any other. Think about having a high profile CEO, who is outspoken about social issues. You’re going to have dissent in the community— sometimes even threats— where a security team needs to be involved. I think you’ll also see that with any community where there’s a partner ecosystem, you’ll get folks trying to sell their products and services in inappropriate places. They'll even throw spam all over the community. This always happens, even if it’s against T&C. That’s just online community. Offline community, like user groups, is a whole other type of “moderation.” I once had to deal with a complaint that came in because a leader kicked off their meeting with a Hitler video. I’m not kidding. For an enterprise community, with many channels and programs, it’s of utmost importance to have a scalable moderation and tracking plan in place. People have to have a direct channel to your team to report any of these behaviors across any of the platforms or programs. You also have to have robust policies and guidelines that you and update annually (at the very least).