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Discussion on: The Self Fulfilling Prophecy of Not Investing in Community

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Chad Neufeld

100% agree on all of that, I'm interested in adoption (my original post wasn't that clear 😔, my bad) of community. My day job involves convincing companies of exactly what you and Mac have outlined above, and although there is a ton of interest, it's still quite an uphill battle to move community forward in large orgs.

I am really interested in how tools used across departments have won adoption in the past and what the community industry can learn from those examples.

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Alex Lourie • Edited on

I wonder what the battle would be about. Is it about an effort that's required for the two-way communication handling or is it a generic model of "what is it that we should be doing"?

As for "tools" - I think that tools that allow micro-communities to emerge (read: a team, then a department, then maybe customers, etc, ending up in a whole community sprawling up) do have a low barrier of entry and a high chance of sticking around (examples: slack, zoom, git/github/gitlab, etc). All these present a very simple opportunity for a small group to start utilising them without having to overcome a big corporate strategy pushback and developing their own "community norms".