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Matt Madden • Edited on

Hey Everyone!

My name is Matt. By day, I am a Solutions Engineer for a SaaS company, and in my off hours, I am working on building a community called Code Larks ( Code Larks is a community that is focused on waking up early to build technical skills together.

From morning challenges to mentorship connections, Code Larks will be a place where people who want to transition into tech, or level up their current tech careers (like Jr to mid level folks such as myself), can find the accountability and answers they need to help them stay motivated and gain clarity on their learning and career path/goals. My vision and hope is for this to be complementary to existing communities of coding students and professionals, such as the DEV community and #100DaysOfX participants.

I am excited to learn best practices for building community, as part of The Community Club, and I look forward to contributing and connecting with you all!

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Welcome to the community Matt! Love the idea behind Code Larks, especially as a super early riser myself.

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Matt Madden

Thank you, Mac! It's great to meet another fellow early bird, and I'm excited about the community you are building here.